An In-Depth Review of Yumi Hookup App

The world’s first truly anonymous dating app, this is how Yumi bills itself, and at first, you might think it’s hyperbole. Surely anonymous dating services existed before Yumi. But Yumi does things differently. We never require a single piece of personal information to open an account or use the app. Not only will Yumi’s users not be able to identify you if you don’t want them to, neither can Yumi. And neither can hackers. Since there’s nothing tying you to your Yumi account, you can enjoy the fun of random hookups while staying truly anonymous. Let’s review how the service works.


Unlike other services, which require an email address, phone number, or other personal information, Yumi’s registration process doesn’t ask for anything. All you’ll need to do is add your gender identity, preferences, both sexual and otherwise, and either a profile picture or short voice snippet talking about what you’re looking for. If you opt for a profile picture you can choose to blur it or add fun stickers over your face to maintain anonymity. Now you’re ready to start flipping!

Searching for Hookups

This is where things get exciting. Yumi adds a game of chance to your online dating experience. Not only can you find a hookup, but you’ll also get a thrill when luck shines its face on you.

The game breaks into rounds. Each round the app will present you with four user cards. Clicking on a card flips it, revealing whether you’re lucky that round. Each round you’ll have a 50/50 chance of hitting a match. If you don’t, don’t worry. Every 24 hours your possible match cards shuffle, so you’ll have the chance to make a different choice next time.

Locking in a Match

If you find a local match, take a look at the profile. If the person seems to fit the bill, send them a message. You’ll have the ability of messaging them for free, and they gave only 24 hours to respond. If they like you, too and send a message back…boom! You’ve activated a new conversation! But if the 24 hour period expires without an initiated or completed contact, that coversation will expire. Not only does fortune favor the brave, it also favors the quick-to-message.


Yumi offers a number of messaging options, depending on your preferences and comfort level. To keep things casual, you can opt for simple text messages. This is a great way to establish a connection.

Once you’re feeling a bit more confident you can use the Yumi app to exchange photos (which are never saved in the application) or start a voice conversation.

If sparks are flying and both of you are ready to meet in person, you can use Yumi to share location data, to facilitate a hookup.


Yumi isn’t a particularly complicated app, which is part of its charm. So there aren’t a lot of settings you need to worry about. What you can change is your profile visibility. You can opt to hide your profile whenever you like, or set your account up so that your profile is only visible when you’re in the app.

Yumi Plus

Yumi Plus

Basic Yumi accounts are totally free, and if you like you can use the app indefinitely without purchasing a paid account. But if you find you’re using Yumi a lot and loving it, upgrading to Yumi Plus is an affordable way to get the most out of the app. Yumi Plus grants the following benefits.

  • Yumi Plus gives you seven extra flips. Normally, your round is over after you’ve flipped one card, whether you hit a match or not. Extra flips let you keep going, making it much more likely that you’ll get the perfect match for you. Free accounts get one extra flip per session. Having seven makes a world of difference.
  • See who likes you. With a free account, once a conversation has expired, the match disappears. Not so with Yumi Plus. Upgraded accounts will always be able to see the people that liked them.
  • Restart any conversation, at any time. Along with being able to see your previous conversations, you can restart them whenever you like regardless of how long it has been since they expired.
  • Stand out from the crowd. Yumi Plus users get specially designed cards that separate them from the pack. Other users will know that you’re a premium member.


Basic Yumi accounts are free and enjoy full functionality. Yumi Plus accounts make the app even better and increase your chances of finding successful matches.

For Yumi Plus you have a few options, with prices as low as $9.99 a month.

  • A single month membership is $19.99 a month.
  • Three months of Yumi Plus runs $39.99, or $13.33 a month.
  • A six-month membership is the best deal. At $59.99, your effective monthly cost drops to $9.99 a month.

How to Get More Matches on Yumi

The single best way to increase your matches is to get Yumi Plus. The seven extra flips everyday let you turn over far more cards, which guarantees you’ll find more matches.

How to Get More Responses From Other Users

While Yumi never collects personal information, it does pay to be complete when filling out your profile. The questions can’t be used to identify you specifically, so it’s important to give possible matches as much information about you as possible to help them determine if they want to respond. If they don’t have much to go on they may opt to ignore you.

Make sure you include basic information like age, height, ethnicity, body type, relationship status, education, religion, occupation, your drinking, smoking, drug, and STD status, and answer any relevant profile questions. You can opt to leave any of these out, but the more information you give, the more responses you’ll get.

That’s it! Now you know all you need to get started. You can download Yumi from either the Apple App Store or the Android Play Store. Have fun!

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