How Does Yumi, the New Anonymous Hookup App Work?

Let’s say you’re looking for an anonymous hookup, or you want to date but you don’t want people to know you’re looking. What options do you have?

You could go to a bar and chat up random strangers, but that takes a lot of time and effort, and there’s no guarantee you’ll find someone interesting that’s also interested in you. It’s also expensive, buying drink after drink with no guarantee of success. Plus, some people simply aren’t interested in the bar scene.

Alternately, you could join an online dating service, but then you have to upload a photo, create a profile, and give the website all of your personal details. Suddenly your anonymous hookup doesn’t feel so anonymous anymore.

So maybe you opt for a more clandestine option. You could create a profile on a site similar to AdultFriendFinder or AshleyMadison, where you can create an anonymous profile that doesn’t share your face or persona information with other users of the site unless you authorize it.

But you still need to provide the website identifying information like an email address, to create your profile. Even if that information is never shared with other users, it’s still tied to your account, sitting on a server somewhere, waiting to be stolen and possibly disclosed by hackers.

So what do you do? There really haven’t been any good, safe options for truly anonymous dating. Until now.

Yumi is the First Totally Anonymous Dating App

With Yumi, users are never required to share any personal information. You never need to supply an email address, phone number, social media accounts, or any other identifying data. You don’t even need a profile pic. You choose how much information to share with other people on the app. If you choose to remain entirely anonymous, that’s absolutely fine.

Anonymity can be important for many reasons, and if you need this service, the last thing you should be doing is giving dating sites personally-identifying information. History has already demonstrated that this isn’t safe. Some of the internet’s leading dating services, both anonymous and not, have been hacked.

The most famous of these was the AshleyMadison data breach, in which millions of users had their sensitive connections to the website exposed to the world. If you truly need anonymity, you can’t risk using sites that require personal information.

How Does Yumi Work?

Yumi Screenshots

Not only does Yumi never require personal information to open an account, but you also don’t need to include any in your profile. You can opt to blur your profile picture, place fun stickers over your face, or skip a profile picture entirely. Instead, you can include a fifteen-second audio clip to let people know what you’re looking for.

Once you’ve created your account and set up your profile, the fun begins.

Yumi works by creating local matches with other users in your area that fit the search criteria you’ve entered. Your current location is the only information the app has about you, and this is just a general location. It doesn’t identify exactly where you are. You can alternatively opt to manually set your location, instead of having the app automatically detect it.

Yumi turns dating and hookups into a game, and it favors the lucky.Yumi turns dating and hookups into a game, and it favors the lucky.

For each possible match, you’re presented with four “cards”, each representing a different user. You click one of these cards to flip it over. For each round, you have a 50/50 chance of finding a local match.

If you strike out, you can try again with another four cards. But if you find someone, you’ll see how far away they are from you. If they seem interesting you can read through their profile. Again, it will only contain information they want others to see.

If the connection seems like a match, you’re able to send them a free message. If they respond within 24 hours with a message of their own, a connection is made! You can now have a conversation about what you’re looking for and decide whether you want to meet in person.

Don’t worry if you miss a connection. Every 24 hours all your cards reshuffle, so you’ll always get another chance to make the perfect local connection. Yumi combines the fun of effortless, anonymous hookups with an entertaining game of chance to create the perfect dating app.

Why Is Anonymity so Important?

The reason is different for every person. We’re not here to judge. Yumi exists simply to protect your ability to keep your identity a secret if that’s what you choose to do. If anonymity is important to you, you have every right to it. Yumi is the first dating and hookup app designed from the ground up to guarantee 100% secure, anonymous local fun.

The fact is, the internet is only as secure as the last big data breach. Your personal information is out there, waiting to be snapped up by opportunistic hackers. And dating sites are a prime target.

After many well-known dating sites breach, there were numerous instances of unscrupulous individuals using damning information obtained from the breach to blackmail former users. These people gave the site their personal information on the promise that it would be secure. It was not. And many people paid a terrible price as a result.

Yumi makes sure none of its users ever become that sort of statistic. You’ll never be required to give Yumi any personal information, and any information you choose to share will be held in the strictest confidence. Ultimately, you’re in control. Whether you want complete anonymity or something in between, Yumi will make sure you’re protected.

So play the game, meet new people, and have fun!

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