Yumi is the newest way to connect people who are located close to one another. Whether they’re looking for a casual hook up or something a little more fun, our users rely on Yumi to chat and meet up with new people.

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Features #1

100% Anonymous! No Any Personal Information Required

What makes Yumi different? We’re the most anonymous app in the world for hookup. We never require personal information from our users (no email addresses, telephone numbers, or Facebook information is necessary to start an account).

Our users don’t even need to provide a photo if they don’t want to — they can opt for a 15-second “voice profile” instead (though if they do opt for a selfie, Yumi has a variety of built-in filters, effects, and stickers for some fun disguises). And, thanks to Yumi’s location-based software, we only match people who can realistically get to know each other via the built-in messaging function, and eventually, meet in real life.

Features #2

Meet New People in a Fun & Free Way

Yumi offers a sense of chance-based fun. Once logged in, users are dealt four “cards.” Under 1-4 of these cards are potential matches in the user’s area, there’s a 50% chance of finding someone with each round. Swiping left and right? That’s OK... But Yumi is different. It favors the lucky.

  • Flip Cards

    Flip Cards

    Choose 1 from 4 default cards and turn it over, you have 50% chance of finding your next casual encounter.

  • Free to Chat

    Free to Chat

    It's totally free to initiate sending messages to the people whose card you have flipped over.

  • Extra Flip

    Extra Flip

    Interested in other missed people in each round? No worries! Extra Flip gives you the ability of getting their card directly.

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